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Indulge your shoes in the ultimate pampering at our Shoe Spa. Our professional shoe cleaning service goes beyond the surface, treating each pair with precision and care. We use top-notch products and techniques to restore their original luster, leaving them refreshed and ready to make a statement. Experience a rejuvenated footwear transformation with our meticulous Shoe Spa, ensuring your shoes receive the royal treatment they deserve.

The working challenge

Operating a Shoe Spa or Shoe Cleaning service poses various challenges. Ensuring effective stain removal without causing damage, addressing diverse shoe materials, and meeting customer expectations for quick turnaround are significant hurdles. Additionally, staying updated on evolving footwear trends and maintaining a skilled team capable of handling various shoe types are ongoing challenges. Overcoming these obstacles requires continuous training, staying abreast of industry advancements, and adapting techniques to provide quality service for diverse shoe cleaning needs.


Comfort Zone Dry Cleaners is the professional brand name and leading service provider for shoe repair, restoration and handbag restoration services. We deal with all Premium leather shoe repair and restoration includes:

  • Shoe scratches repair

  • Patent leather repair

  • Boot repair

  • Resoling

  • Heel replacement

  • Heel patches & shoe stitching

  • Sole pasting and gluing

  • Shoe coating

  • Rubber sole repair, Rubber heel repair & leather sole repair

  • Patent shoe restoration, patent heel restoration,

  • Leather belt repair

  • Sneakers restoration, Shoe dyeing etc.

Shoe repair, restoration and handbag repairs; it needs special attention to detail and extra care, in which Comfort Zone Dry Cleaners believe that it requires experience and highly skilled work. We work with top industry people and match their invaluable expertise and professional shoe and bag restoration service which are more than just repair.

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They Provide Excellence Service.

The service they provide are really awesome and worth the money. The clothes are very clean and tidy.
They value your money. I suggest you to try it once

Pratha Rastogi

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